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Stream Data Analytics

Up to 100 Gbit/s intellectual packets processing
Discover people behavior under traffic

Machine learning

Deep learning technique
FRiS-methodology and other kernel functions
Cutting edge face recognition technology
Speaker identification
Speech recognition
Text classification


True Data Scientist solves the problem by combining the hardcore science and breakthrough data mining technologies with inexplicable art of human understanding. We propse an unique combination of Deep learning technique with a strict explainability of original FRiS method. Function of Rival Similarity allows us to make discovered patterns undestandable, which makes it a competetive advantage in case of reasonable decision making.

Software Engineering

Storage Technologies, Project management, Python.

Business Analytics

Business Analysis, Business Scaling, Knowledge Management, Data Warehousing.

Deep Learning

Statistics & Algorithms, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Decision-Making Theory, Signal Processing, and Deep Learning.


We provide an entry point to the network of hi-qualified companies and institutions of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

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Hard workers

Evgeniy Pavlovskiy

PhD in Math, Head of laboratory.

Yuri Anikin

PhD in Tech, leading researcher

Dmitry Sviridenko

Doctor of Sciences in Math, Principal Researcher


Denis Bondarenko

CTO at ITMS, Data Engineer

Grigoriy Khazankin

PhD student, Stream data researcher.

Vyacheslav Mukhortov

Project Management guru, behaviour researcher

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